We offer a range of services
  • Information (benefits, housing, short breaks/respite, play opportunities, help to find specialist professionals/services; e.g. EHC plans or Child in Need/Carer’s Assessments)
  • Support (one-to-one chat from an experienced Community Champion, contact professionals or departments on your behalf)
  • Services (mentoring, advocacy, support at meetings, preparation for meetings, training on SEND Law, help to fill in forms/applications)
  • Wellbeing & Wellness courses
  • Therapeutic events to help you relax (massage, beauty)
  • Social events (to help you connect with other parents and families and a special group for Dads)
  • Training (courses & Workshops)
  • Events
  • My SEND File-your very own SEND filing sysytem
  • My SEND Library-your hand held SEND library app
  • Order your Max Card
  • Visit our Shop