Walk & Talk Club member testimony

Why join our Walk and Talk Club, we share the testimony from one of our regular members:

Walk & Talk Club Member Testimony

I found the walk and talk club extremely therapeutic.

It is a very informal experience where you can just turn up and work at your own pace, speaking to other parents who have been through similar experiences to you we learn from each other.

The walk and talk club really helped me with both my physical health and mental health. It is an opportunity for me to take a break from every day difficulties that I experience due to being part of a complex family.

I look forward to going to the walk and talk every Friday where I know that there is no agenda but just to turn up and take it as it goes, the conversation always varies and I always come away feeling really refreshed and looking forward to the following week.

I would really enjoy it if we could have maybe two sessions a week as the time seems to go so quick and I just really enjoy the way that I feel after.

It’s amazing how much you can get off your chest whilst walking and talking, and also you don’t realise how much walking you’ve done whilst talking lol, which is really helpful when I’ve checked my steps afterwards I just feel so proud of myself and a real sense of relief!

It’s just a really positive experience and I would recommend other parents to try this it’s not really something I thought of previously I always thought of therapy is somewhere to go sit down one-to-one but actually this has really helped and is literally like a therapy session for me.

The fresh air, the greenery the laughs and random conversations that come up! Such a positive part of my week! When I walk on my own I often think of all the things I need to do and so walking and talking with others means the conversation just flows and I’m distracted from my normal thoughts of worries etc.

Thank you for this opportunity 😊🤗

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