Our London Network


London has its very own specific and rich ecosystem that exists within each borough. Collectively, each local authority, organisation, or community group, collaborates to create a strong network for support for their own SEND communities. They offer a range of services, information, and support across London and work together to share ideas, best practices, and build a strong foundation to enable children, young people, adults, and their families to thrive. We all benefit from learning from each other and collaborating to find innovative solutions for our London SEND community.

Although we are not a charity, SNC has charitable purposes. As a social enterprise, we are free to find creative solutions to the issues we would like to change and work hard for the community we serve. As part of the wider community, we depend on community support and encouragement. If you would like to get involved and volunteer your time, expertise or support us financially, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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